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Children with Alopecia Areata were asked the following

questions and these were their responses *



How do you see alopecia areata?

one is bald.


What color would you give it?

light brown, peach, blue, black, red, white.


How would your parents describe alopecia areata?

you are bald

just a way to lose your hair and their is no cure.

it's ok.

it's nothing to worry about. a lot of people have it.

they don't talk about it.

your immunes system attacks your hair.

they keep taking me  to the doctor says say I keep having alopecia areata and it wont go away.

something like a disease or a bad sickness.


How would your friends describe alopecia areata?

they never mention it.

my friends don't know.

they don't see it.

they don't know how it works.

they feel sorry for me.

they are afraid that alopecia areata is a bad thing and they will get it which is not true.


How do your teachers see alopecia areata?

she is a friend to me.

my teacher doesn't know about alopecia areata.

they ever ask or say anything about it.

they don't see it.

my teacher worries and cares for me and tries to help any way she can.


How do people you met on the street see you?

they stare.

they look at me strangely.

they don't know I wear a wig.

they don't se my baldness--- a freak with a cool doo.

they think I am weird, so they point at me and start talking about me.


How does alopecia areata make you feel?


not part of something.



What is the most frequent problems?

that our culture is very appearance orientated.

being young and visibly different.

when some one takes my hat at school.

when some one pulls off my wig.

not going out for the swim team.

countless doctors, pills, shots, topical rubs and blood tests.

being a girl and being called young man or son when I wear a hat.


Who are the people you feel most comfortable talking about alopecia areata?

my mom and dad.

others with alopecia areata.


What helps you deal with alopecia areata?

thinking about when I am happy.

thinking of things I do well.

thinking about the positive parts of alopecia areata.


What positive changes have occurred as a result of having alopecia areata?

the new friends I've met with alopecia areata all over the world.

becoming a stronger person.

growing up faster.

understanding myself, not being afraid to be my self.

don't have to get hair cuts.

don't have to comb my hair.

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