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What  is Cranial Prosthesis


 A  cranial  hair  prosthesis  is a hair system  specifically  designed for  those suffering  from hair  loss  due  to  medical conditions.

Prostheses contain a combination of fabrics and compounds that are  used  to  re-create natural  hair  growth patterns and the look of the scalp. 

All materials in the prosthesis are treated to resist dirt, oils and body acids while providing maximum comfort.


Cranial hair prostheses are different than department store wigs in quality,  performance  and service. Prosthesis are made with specialized material-sensitive

to the needs of the individual. They come in a variety of styles and colors. The fit is customized by taking measurements in 6 different areas of the head. This will

insure the fit will be perfect and comfortable. Unique design at the temples and nape mimic the curves along the side of the face as well as the back of the hairlines,

enabling the user to change the style without it being noticed as a "wig". The attachment is easy and quick by applying special double sided tape to special areas

or using special medical adhesive making the unit secure during any activity.


The unit is made solely of human hair, which makes it easy to care for everyday.


The prosthesis on the left is the design of a full custom cap.

The entire base is constructed to look like your hair is growing

from your scalp. Each hair is and tied in to place. This is the softest of the cap design.

To the right is a Pre- Designed Prosthesis, still a very comfortable cap but, not as soft. This is also hand tied to give style versatility. The Pre-Designed styles do not come in customizes.


This young lady is happy to look like herself. 

She can do any activity she participated in previous 

to her hair loss.



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